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Kan, Kil-su marks 50 years at the Far East Distr

Published Sept. 20, 2016

By Stephen Satkowski

USACE - Far East District Public Affairs


DAEGU, South Korea -- Kang Kil-Su, a quality assurance representative (QAR) at the Far East District’s (FED) southern resident office (SRO) surpassed 50 years of service to the district this past summer. After studying engineering in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s at Yongman University in Daegu, Kang began working for the Far East District in 1966 and has seen the massive growth of U.S. military construction in the Daegu area as well as advancements in engineering technology.

“I enjoy my job and I feel so much satisfaction when I look [at Area IV] I can see my accomplishments [in all the military construction],” said Kang. Seeing the difference here in the last 50 years I can say I am part of this growth.”

Kang said when he began work at FED there were no computers, so all documents were filed and hard copied in cabinets and QAR daily reports were prepared by hand using carbon paper.

He said one project, the space track observation facility, stands out from the rest. The facility is at a mountain site south of the Daegu area and it required blasting the rock to ensure the building had a strong and steady foundation. 

“It was very cold and it snowed severely at that time,” said Kang. You wouldn’t believe we were in Korea, it felt and looked like we were in Alaska.”

Throughout his time at the district Kang’s work was recognized by leadership. In 2000 he was selected as the Far East District’s nominee for Pacific Ocean Division’s Hard Hat of the Year award. His current supervisor, Elisa Beck, southern resident office resident engineer, says Pak’s dedication and hard work has been crucial to her entire staff.

"Mr. Kang's years of experience have given him an invaluable wealth of knowledge that he applies to his day to day activities at SRO,” said Beck. While things have definitely changed from 1966 until today, Mr. Kang has been successful in adapting to new processes, technologies, and personnel.  His is a very professional QAR that simply gets the work done. He is trusted and regarded by his colleagues as one of the best, and he is able to transmit his positive energy to others working around him."

Kang’s coworker, Bayani Apuya, a quality assurance representative at SRO said Kang is respected by all the contractors and is a joy to work with.

"Working with Kang Kil-Su is a privilege and honor,” said Kang. We accomplish a lot and he has a big impact regarding the quality of workmanship of all our projects. He is an FED Legend.”

Kang plans on retiring in September 2017 after more than 51 years of service.


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