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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Honolulu District Deploys a Team to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Published Dec. 4, 2012

By Honolulu District Public Affairs 

FORT SHAFTER, HI (NR 2012-28) - Fifteen U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District personnel deployed Dec. 3 to support recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast.

The Power Planning and Response Team (Power PRT) from the District includes specialists for contracting, liaisons, mission management, data management, logistics and quality assurance.

This specialized management cell team works with the 249th Engineer Battalion, contractors, and state and local entities to assess, install and maintain emergency generators at critical facilities.

The Power PRT will work with the Corps’ New York District, which has ongoing projects in the state, to identify, assign and resolve existing and incoming FEMA mission assignments as well as other assignments or projects related to Hurricane Sandy.

Corps infrastructure teams will conduct engineering assessments of public works facilities that may have sustained hurricane damage to include water treatment plants, medical facilities and public safety buildings.

The Corps of Engineers has been on the scene from the beginning supporting FEMA and state and local officials to provide contracting and management oversight to debris removal and clearance missions, infrastructure and coastal assessments and technical assistance work in the state.

Under the National Response Framework and in support of FEMA, the Corps is the responsible agency for Emergency Support Function 3, Public Works and Engineering. FEMA has assigned 65 missions to USACE following Hurricane Sandy for $249 million.

These missions to date have included dewatering, debris management, emergency infrastructure assessment, emergency temporary power, bottled water, critical public facility assessments and regional activation.


Joseph Bonfiglio

Release no. 12-031