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District engineer set to retire after career spanning four decades

Published Oct. 24, 2017

By Antwaun J. Parrish
USACE Far East District Public Affairs

CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea – After working as an engineer since the late 1970’s, a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District is ready to trade in his business attire for sandals and sun.

Tom Larkin, Central Resident Office Deputy Resident Engineer, will officially retire on Oct. 31. He has been a part of the district since 1999, where his first assignment was at the Northern Resident Office.

During a recent luncheon held at the Osan Officers’ Club in his honor, many of his colleagues spoke of his hard work ethic and extensive knowledge of the Osan Air Base airfield.

Larkin addressed the guests who attended his luncheon and thanked them for their generous gifts and kind words. When asked what he will miss most about working, he took a moment to reflect on the lessons he’s learned throughout his illustrious career.

“I’ll miss the challenges of the airfield and the rush to get something done in a tight time frame,” said Larkin. “That goes back to when I worked in the private sector. Walking on a job that’s six months behind schedule and being told that you will come in on schedule. The airfield with our mission enforces that line of thinking which what makes it fun because you’re facing that challenge day in and day out.”

The colleagues who have worked closely with Larkin encouraged him to enjoy retirement and relax, which is something he’s not too fond of doing. However his current plan is to return to where he calls home.

“My wife and I are moving back to the Philippines,” said Larkin. “That’s my home and we built a house in 1988 while I was working there.”

Although he will relax in the Philippines, he’s already found a project there to keep him busy when he initially arrives.

“I’m going to fix the pool,” said Larkin. “I don’t think it has had good maintenance. Once that’s complete, then I can sit beside it and relax.”

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