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News: Around our Diverse Asia-Pacific Region

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Posted 5/11/2016

Release no. 16-026

USACE Far East District Public Affairs


SEOUL, South Korea - It’s official! All eligible employees of the Resource Management Office and the Internal Review Office have earned DoD Financial Management certifications.

The certification program, authorized under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, provides a DoD-wide framework to guide professional development and adapt to future requirements. The program has three different levels, each with baseline requirements that incorporate experience, education, training and leadership development. The program began in July 2014, and required eligible employees in the 500 series (Financial Management) to complete the requirements as a condition of employment by 2016

The program also identifies training gaps and provides leaders the ability to prioritize future training and allocate resources. Much of the training is online but the program allows employees to use past college courses and professional developmental assignments to fulfill the requirements. Employees are required to take 80 continuing professional education credits over the next two years to maintain their certification. It is expected that the program will soon be expanded to include employees in the 0343 series (Management & Program Analysts).