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News: Around our Diverse Asia-Pacific Region

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Posted 4/23/2014

Release no. 14-016

By Diana Fredlund

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Japan Engineer District Public Affairs


CAMP FUJI, Japan - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District, transferred the recently completed Camp Fuji Hazardous Material Control Center to the U.S. Marine Corps in Iwakuni, Japan, Dec. 19, 2013 after a final inspection of the newly completed building.

Project engineer Ryuji Hodotsuka managed the project since construction began in October 2012.  “Hodotsuka-san did an excellent job on this project,” said Ronald Neal, Japan Engineer District’s Yokosuka Office Resident Engineer. “The Marines at Camp Fuji were very pleased with how well he kept them informed of the project’s status every step of the way.”  Camp Fuji is located near Mount Fuji, about 60 miles west of Tokyo.

During construction, the project faced several challenges that Hodotsuka needed to overcome, including transplanting 12 trees and helped redesign an underground pipe and manhole so they would fit site conditions, Neal said.

 “One important challenge was for Hodotsuka to assist in research and select an aqueous film-forming foam, which is used in fire suppression systems. He needed to help find a product that met U.S. military specifications, was economically available in Japan and was environmentally sound. He and the Camp Fuji staff worked together to find a product that fit all three requirements, which was a key factor in the Corps’ success on this project.”

Hodotsuka, a mechanical engineer, has worked for JED for 22 years.  “His engineering expertise and his dedication to building strong relationships is a cornerstone of our customer satisfaction,” Neal said. “As a Japanese engineer who has worked with the Corps for two decades, Hodotsuka skillfully bridges two distinct cultures and creates a positive experience for his Japanese and American colleagues.”

With the hazardous material control center completed, Hodotsuka focuses his talents on other military construction projects underway at Camp Fuji – for now. After a long professional career with JED, Hodotsuka plans to retire in December 2014.

“Hodotsuka-san has played a vital role in JED’s mission at Camp Fuji,” Neal said.