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Posted 11/20/2014

Release no. 14-058

By Steven Satkowski
US Army Corps of Engineers-Far East District Public Affairs

SEOUL, South Korea - Volunteers from the Far East District joined members of the Seoul Jung-gu Saemaul Women’s Club, Jungbu policeman and other local participants to make kimchi for the area’s needy and elderly families Nov. 19.

For the last 6 years district employees have participated in the event, part of the Good Neighbor Program that serves to strengthen the Republic of Korea-United States alliance and shows we are good neighbors with the local community. The annual event, held at the Jung-gu district office just outside the district’s compound, helps feed kimchi to more than 550 needy and elderly families in the Jung-gu area.

The volunteers, including deputy commander Julie A. D’annunzio, joined Jung-gu District Mayor Choi Chang-sik during the event. Choi was delighted to see members of the district help prepare the traditional Korean side dish to the needy in his community.

“I want to thank the Far East District for volunteering every year for this event,” said Choi. “Because of you the less fortunate and needy will be well prepared for this winter. They will feel the warmth of your giving.”

Young Phoenix, a staff accountant in the resource management office, said while the day involved a lot of hard work it was well worth her time. 

“It was a very hard and labor intensive operation but at the same time also heartwarming to think that someone out there will appreciate when a box of kimchi we made is given to them,” said Phoenix.

Basil Meyer, construction representative at the northern resident office, has participated in the community event for the last several years and feels the few hours of his time was the least he could do to help those who are without.

“I always enjoy this event because I am able to converse with the locals and share experiences with them,” said Meyer.  “When I relocate to Humphreys I plan on taking time off just to drive up here so I can do this next year and the following year. The kimchi tastes good too!”  

District volunteers have come out to support the kimchi making every year since 2008.